IAMP Meeting 2020


Titles and affiliations reflect those held by speakers at the time of their presentation.

This meeting was held virtually.

Susan Gibbons

Vice Provost, Collections & Scholarly Communication at Yale University

A survey of some of the challenges confronting the academic library community and what museum publishers should understand about acquisitions.

Tom Windross

Head of Content at the Victoria and Albert Museum

Julian Honer

Editorial Director and Head of Thames & Hudson’s Museum Publishing Division

 A presentation on museum-trade publishing collaborations that outlines the challenges and opportunities of this publishing model.

Deb Aaronson

Vice President and Group Publisher at Phaidon

Gwen Roginsky

Associate Publisher and General Manager at The Metropolitan Museum of Art

Rachel High

Manager of Editorial Marketing and Rights at The Metropolitan Museum of Art

A second overview of museum-trade collaborations, with a focus on several recent, high-profile projects jointly produced between The Met and Phaidon.

Meeting Resources

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